Massage By Melody
Balancing the body with Massage for better Health.

About the Practitioner

Melody M. LeCroix, LMT

Liscened Massage Therapist

Graduated from Viriginia College of Huntsville, AL

Certified in Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, & Fibromyalgia

Balancing the Body with Massage for better Health.

I am a very active lady! I was injuried years ago in a horse accident which required surgery, after the surgery I was overwhelmed with cronic pain. After being referred to a massage therapist I got relief after the first session! A few months later my therapist and I got to talking about her career and how therapist careers were so fufilling. After months of thinking on it I decided to go back to school. During earning my degree I could not wait to leave work to get to class every day. I love my career now! It is the best thing I ever did for myself and for my clients. Today I control all of my cronic pain with getting regular scheduled massages and excercise. it works I am living proof!

I still ride my horses, roller blade or walk daily and live a very active lifestyle. Always thankful that I have massage to enrich my life.

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